A classic color combo

While – as you know – M Missoni is very much about an imaginative use of patterns and prints, shades and hues, in creating every new collection it never bypasses black & white, the ultimate in a timeless color combination. Supreme expression of high contrast, practically bordering on chiaroscuro, this ever-favorite twosome always makes a strong statement in the realm of elegance and refinement.       Namely, opposites attract, creating a rich sense of harmony and sparking an explosive mix of emotions and feelings.

The Spring 2015 collection offers a fresh take on black & white thanks to easy pieces where the design is invariably clean and smooth. All perfect for the season ahead, the items go from dresses to cardigans, from skirts to accessories.

Both the skinny dress and the comfort fit cotton cardigan feature a pawl-stitch knit. Ideal on a cool breezy spring day.
The b&w cotton crochet jacket presents four different zigzag motifs offset by stripes in between, so making for a smart match with pure black silk jogging style pants or circular skirt. As for the straight skirt and dress in same pattern, they invite creativity, inspire an urge to have unabashed fun with bright and fluo colors.

This is where you come into play! Let your fantasy fly in putting together a new black & white outfit. Introducing your own idea of the latest in fashion.

All set to experiment?