California Dreaming

From that vast sea where inspiration waits to be captured, this Spring 2014, M Missoni has chosen the colorful and fun from the Californian style of surfers and skaters. Their style is inspired by 'layers', rich with innovative combinations and overlays but always precious and perfect for those of you who, like them, have the sport in their DNA.

A sporty style that blends in more sophisticated details and acts as recurring theme of the new Spring 2014 Collection, together with a constellation of accessories and details specific to the world of skaters and bikers who gather on the Californian beaches, in their knee pads and backward caps, printed garments and colored hair. Hence sweatshirts and bombers, with or without hoods, inhabit the collection, as well as jogging pants and big t-shirts with patches resembling neck protectors and knee pads.

Hence also denims, sometimes faded or knitted appearing side by side in the same garment with leather detail, can be found in the dresses, shirts and cargo pants.

Inspiration for the new color collection has been lifted from the paintings of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein as well as the whimsical fantasy of cartoons and street art. The reinterpreted mixture becomes even more than the sum of its parts, a call to different worlds and alternate realities.

Included in this mix of worlds is the military, subtly revealed in unexpected ways through the use of different materials, where camouflage is 'technicolor' or worked into the jacquard, or printed on nylon. This universe is also part animal, so in addition to the classic 'Zebra' we see fantasy reptile, a lizard, even neo-mimetic butterflies in contrasting colors. And, the signatures of M Missoni style, think of clothes that highlight the silhouette, craftsmanship, zigzags, and an innovative combinations of materials and patterns.

Its hard not to be curious. Be amazed by the cheerfulness of the California style and discover the new Spring 2014 collection now!