Black + White




A dark lady that loves color

The reinterpretation of trends often gives a uniquely vintage touch to those collections. This is one of the signature characteristics of the M Missoni style.

From the 40s/50s inspiration of the summer collection to the 80s look of the winter line, every collection from M Missoni is a brand new world in itself, a world of imagery expressed in new shapes and colors, and, as always, a rediscovery of the details. The 80s rock mood is revealed here in the M Missoni winter collection using materials like leather and netting in our exclusive color combinations with the use of the color of the year, emerald, and other bold colors. This becomes even more apparent when you look at the accessories!

For the dark lady, fond of studs and piercings, M Missoni keeps getting more colorful: The result is a fantasy ikat in green and purple fabric, a kaleidoscopic overlap of brilliant almost psychedelic shades, such as the maxi zigzag knit and printed skirt for an energetic feminine look, also in 'cyber' knit, a staple of the brand.

Part of the emerald clothing group, the magenta cyber shopping bag, ideal to carry with you throughout the day, and the T-shirt dress, a dress with intriguing, strong tones and a simple silhouette that make it very versatile.

Color also impacts the outerwear collection, and the materials adding a that final touch of originality to the yarn fur coat effect: a neo green and purple grunge coat, that is becoming one of the most singular trends this season.

Who says that the glam rock mood can't be colorful this winter?