Frida Kahlo inspires the M Missoni collection for summer 2015

For summer 2015 M Missoni finds inspiration in the amazing visions and unique personal universe of Frida Kahlo – Mexico’s all-time greatest woman painter – along with a feel for the rich and vibrant soul of the artist’s homeland. So bringing to the fore a keen interpretation where the brand’s signature style and fashion code serve to accentuate the sensation of lightness marking the whole collection.

A sense of levity sets the tone for the definition of knits, ultimately achieving the sheerest and breeziest of inflections, bordering on voile. Equally light is the linen jersey that plays a major role in the collection. Yet the utmost expression of levity comes in the form of eyelet there making a suave statement in an array of tops and blouses, skirts, flounces on brushed voile dresses.

Lightness also adds explosive impact to the soft, easy shapes capturing a natural sensation of motion. Here lengths vary, ranging from modern-day shorts to absolutely wide-leg pants almost always flaring toward the bottom.

The palette sparks images of a sunny horizon, hot and passionate. Paving the way are the warm hues of Sierra wild flowers – burgundy, violet, orange – as well as sensual geranium, rose, fuchsia shades of pink and red, while the bright green nuances of moist Yucatan forests and the shimmering blue tones of the Cenotes-underground lakes make for an intriguing note of contrast.

The famous Mexican Rose is the clear protagonist of the story re knit textures and print designs. In addition, there are jacquard patterns that play up/play down the motifs & symbols of a deep Latin American spirituality.

With lovely lurex glints, looks for evening reflect in full the collection’s ardent sense of lightness. Instrumental on this count are the delicate sandy gold tones that flank intense midnight blue, eggplant purple and acid green colors.

So let’s succumb to the power of Frida’s surrealistic visions and to the allure of a deliciously inviting Mexican landscape. Let’s discover the M Missoni collection.