Adenorah x M Missoni



Discover now the new Pre-Fall 2016 Collection!


Persian Glam

An inspiration from a far-off land, a lost horizon or otherworld dimension underpins the new summer M Missoni collection, so imbuing many of the clothes with a shroud of magic and mystery. Referencing an ancient culture rich in tradition.

It’s a world we have always admired and appreciated for the sense of grandeur that has endured intact through the ages: namely, the Persian Empire with its visually stunning art and enthralling Arabian Nights legacy. Long ago in this enchanting universe, along with the gorgeous fabrics and lusciously soft shapes, fashion told an irresistible story very much about color and decoration.

For Summer 2014 M Missoni found inspiration in this magnificent past to create outfits consisting of soft blouses or crop tops in combo with the Sarouel Aladdin pants which once upon a time were the favorite garb of merchants who traveled along the legendary Amber Road – and which, as a result, also became part of the traditional costume of North African peoples.

Now a popular unisex item, the sarouel is a baggy, drop crotch style of pants usually made from some colorful cotton or linen blend print. While many modern designers have had fun rethinking the concept of the Harem pants, this season M Missoni gives the sarouel a super feminine twist by making the most of exclusive details As in the color-contrast or tone-on-tone monochrome fabric belt marking the waist. Another feature of the brand’s fresh interpretation of the look is the variety of lengths and fits, whether soft and loose from thigh on down, or ultra light and baggy thanks to the use of materials and decors with a distinctly free & easy feel. Lastly, for extra versatility, the harem trousers’ ankles are adjustable, go from wide to narrow. That way the pants work equally well with flatform shoes and ballerinas or other flats during the day, fancy high-heel sandals at night.

Rediscover the allure of the East, succumb to summer 2014’s unique urban ethno mood: get drawn into a magical world where dreams can still come true… in a fabulous M Missoni design!