Adenorah x M Missoni



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The Fall 2013 Outerwear

What will be the must have of next season? Of course something that will keep you warm without sacrificing style! This Fall the trend is mid-season outerwear: the M Missoni Fall 2013 Eskimos are a very interesting reinterpretation of this old style jacket borrowed from the men’s closets.

Eskimo jackets find their origins in the ‘Anorak’ jacket, also called the ‘Parka’. They became famous during the students insurrections period of late sixties Europe. It’s easy to identify the military origins of the M Missoni Fall 2013 Collection Eskimos in shapes and cuts, but the unique revisions by the M Missoni designers give it an extremely femimine look distinguished by its patterns and colors.

Have a look for example at the Orange Eskimo & Cyber Trousers M Missoni outfit: a down jacket with collarshort & light in black-and -orange print polyester with black eco-leather trim, snap-button closure and slit pockets. Its print is inspired by the classical Pied-de-Poule pattern, or houndstooth in English, that recalls a chessboard with stretched edges, but in the M Missoni revisitation the squares are shaped like little candies. No better way to stay warm on a chilly day and to brighten any look! This short eskimo coat in a smart sugar-drop print in Black and Orange, two of the fall’s favorites.

If you’d love a blue jacket more than an orange one and prefer long jackets don’t miss the Blue Eskimo & Greek Jogging Pants M Missoni outfit: a new twist on the down jacketsmart & light, in black-on-blue polyester print with black eco-leather edging. The blue Eskimo has slit breast pockets and flap pockets at the waist. The blue & black sugar-drop print identifying this eskimo jacket  which finds inspiration in the ‘60s Beat Generation.

Have any more questions about what you will keep you warm this Fall?