The summer #musthave

Each of us has a favorite color to express our moods and personalities: for those who believe that color reveals who we are. If you love green you're balanced and wearing it yourselves promotes wellness and vitality. If, however, you love wearing the passionate color of red, it reveals an lively, outgoing personality, while wearing purple expresses creativity and sensitivity.

As always, what distinguishes the M Missoni world is a kaleidoscope of colors, often used to 'contrast' and highlight the unique details of the collections.

For spring-summer 2014 M Missoni launches the must have items of the season, accessories with a young and cheerful allure , thanks to the shades and shapes, for true fashion lovers and connoisseurs. The Raffia effect Summer Bag in multicolor.

Already available - since Fashion Week in NYC - at the M Missoni boutique in the United States, you can also find it at the online Italian boutique and, just in time for the opening of the fashion shows in Milan, in our boutique on Corso Venezia. Discover and buy according to your tastes and your inclinations, and have fun choosing the color you'll wear for all of your wonderful summer evenings, whether in town or on vacation.

The Summer Bag is a city bag in natural raffia effect, in croched hazelnuts, handcrafted, entirely Made in Italy. Your mood will be sophisticated and elegant but, as usual for M Missoni, easy & chic in the right measure.

To make this a truly fun accessory color variants are available: nine different colors, three variations of mélange next to green, yellow, purple, orange, brick red and black. And to make it even more special Raffia bags come in three types of shoulder bags with their unique technicolor Plexiglas ringed straps in various sizes.

Choose the summer bag that expresses who you are, and it will be the right accessory for all of your summer outfits.

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