Adenorah x M Missoni



Discover now the new Pre-Fall 2016 Collection!


Urban Safari

The thread of continuity of the Summer 2014 Collection is a viscose yarn with a remarkable resemblance to raffia. Capturing the imagination in a multiplicity of different weights, it plays a key role in defining accent elements, coat/jacket constructions and techno fabric inserts. So signaling the mood of the M Missoni woman this season: a woman with a tribal folk flair who charts fab new territory on the color & style mix front and who, in perfect sync with today’s edgy urban safari trend, thinks fringe and wispy trim are fine expressions of contemporary boho chic style.

Ideal for imbuing classic shapes and silhouettes with a fresh, funky fluidity of motion, fringe decorates the collection’s unique orange and purple faux raffia dress while also bringing back fond memories of a Native American look popular in the sixties. Then in the form of knit type textures this most unusual raffia both identifies trench coats and jackets and, exclusively multicolor mode, adds impact to the season’s new skirts.

Use of the same faux raffia viscose yarn characterizes accessories which have a boho chic allure too. It’s the force behind many of the bags, primarily the ones featuring a lavish hazelnut stitch, yet also serves to create folk inspired designs: namely, on the front flaps of tribal and jacquard shoulder bags, as well as in the color-contrast edging or along the sides of belts. In a selection of bags ranging from city to clutch styles, raffia fringe can become a skirt on the chimp appliqué that makes the floral jacquard knit wrist strap purse extra smart & snappy. Similarly, raffia can enhance the uppers of shoes that match the bags to perfection, as in wonderful low-heel and wedge sandals.

Once again having lots of fun with color contrast, fringe in fact marks the ankles of dark chocolate flatform sandals, heightens the appeal of purple low-heel sandals, offsets wedge sandals with red detailing and gives the elegant blue ethnic style evening sandals a super special plus.

This season there’s simply no way to resist cultivating a playful fringe spirit with boho chic decorations, feeling very much part of the latest urban safari scene.