Extensive landscape, sweeping from Midwestern prairies to new Mexico/Nevada deserts, all the way to Rocky Mountain peaks. M Missoni’s take on the modern-day cowgirl finds her identity within these wide horizons, expressing an upbeat energy that makes her enjoy equally unbridled rodeo action and a moonlit down-home country dance. Boundary lines between periods of time are blurred,  from legendary pioneer days to the glorious 1950s, birth of rock ’n’ roll, rockabilly style, an American Graffiti mood with Chevys and Ford T-Birds in wild colors. And it’s the palette of hues that joins many of the symbols of this way of living to define the soul of the new Spring 2016 Pre-Collection.

The silhouette strikes quite a feminine pose: just below the knee skirts outperform pants, invariably widening toward the bottom for a semi swingy look taken to the next level by strong edging, ample vertical fringe, an impressive array of inserts, inlays, partial effects.

The wealth of materials, complete with ever imaginative inflections and the usual pursuit of light chunky textures, always make a remarkably innovative statement. Fresh concepts surface alongside the brand’s ever popular zigzag and flame knits,duchesse and crepe fabrics. Denim shows up in both yarn and fabric versions, not infrequently crossing paths all in one item or creating a sensation in mock tweed form. Finally, lace has an old west flair when serving in an ornamental role at necklines or side skirt hems.

Stars (sheriff badge or celestial style), horseshoe and cactus motifs, classic cowboy boot designs,  these are the marks of a dynamic universe energizing the outfits with high-impact prints or jacquards. As in the sparkling cabochons (genuine or knit variant) making alternatively for irresistible edging or stunning allover pattern.

As in the case of materials, interplays of vibrant and/or primary colors add definition to the clothes. In addition to the central threads of timeless white and black, the season’s gamut ranges from rocky mountain burnt umber to desert mineral rose quartz – or possibly pastel pinks to create contrast with bright red, midnight blue, cobalt, turquoise, mint green (often in mixes of the same) – all the way to a gorgeous texas rose yellow.