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Discover now the new Pre-Fall 2016 Collection!


The amazing Versatility

Is there anything better than the satisfaction we feel when our favorite dress fits perfectly with our shapes and it’s suitable for many different occasions and events? We at M Missoni know that amazing feeling! In fact we found one perfect sleeveless mesh insert dress that suits the most glamorous tastes and is perfect for many occasions, from a rooftop party to the most fashionable evening of the year.

Bloggers, celebrities and magazines editorials clearly showed that the Fall 2013 Must Have is the M Missoni Optical Patchwork Dress, an apparently simple sleeveless dress with a stunning optical effect thanks to the patchwork of patterns and materials that M Missoni used in a lot of items of this Fall Collection. This mesh insert dress, thanks to its incredible patchwork features and its bold shapes gives a unique glam rock flair to your wardrobe. To keep the concept flawless we matched it to accessories in the same color palette: check in the unique Fall 2013 Collection the Turquoise and Vinasse Anckle Boots and the Metallic shoulder Bag!

We think that versatility is the secret to the Optical Patchwork Sleeveless Dress appeal. You can match it with cool & casual details or sleek & feminine ones and the result will be always fashionable.

Thus, occasions to wear it are not lacking: why not for the Fashion Nights Out? The night of exclusive shopping is planned for tonight, Tuesday, September 17th , in Rio de Janeiro where the amazing M Missoni headphones, in four different colors, will be our gift with your purchase, and in Milan where you will have the chance to buy the VFNO M Missoni leather bracelets with cyber design. Come to our exclusive Boutique in Venezia 2!

Keep up with the kaleidoscopic M Missoni world! To share your coolest moments and to celebrate style and fashion with us use the hashtag #M4FNO: show us how you celebrate the Nights of fashion in Milan & Rio de Janeiro!