The entire world of Zig Zag

Much as yin cannot exist without yang, so too fashion cannot be designed without artistic inspiration. And often that art is inspired by nature.
M Missoni is well aware that our collections always create fabrics and prints that resemble the natural elements and our signature use of kaleidoscopic tones that makes them uniquely M Missoni.

Which is the decoration that recalls the opposites so popular as up and down and left and right complements? Obviously, the zig-zag, that revised and reworked in a contemporary fashion appears in every new M Missoni collection. Designed with variations according to colors, materials, size and height of the lines, the zigzagging is offered mainly on the  horizontal plane, but also appears in the chevron pattern and a fantasy knit print.

From its beginnings as a decorative element in the ancient art it has become an indispensable presence in the wardrobe of every woman who wishes to feel elegant, lively, an imaginative.  Zigzag started, mainly in the 60s,  thanks to the widespread art deco, an artistic movement characterized by the 'abandonment of sinuosity and the use of linear and geometric shapes. This amplification creates optical art, a reinterpretation of key optical geometry that influenced the 60's style, as well as the years to come. As Vogue defines it today, “A hypnotic pattern voted to the future with continuous changes of direction: a classic that fashion revisits and reworks.”

The M Missoni winter collection mixes the origins and evolution of this motif and achieves a surprising effect with the matching dress and broken zig zag coat. A marriage patterns with a touch of rock thanks to the style of the garments: a multicolored, form fitting, knit mini dress in a chevron pattern to be combined with leather and studs and piercing accessories and an always masculine oversized knitted coat with zip closure fit in perfectly with the glam rock mood of the season.

Do you want to feel unique this winter? Consider the zigzag pattern with vertical lines, tones and details. It will offer flawless results: try the striped bag with piercings and bow, and you cannot help but feel great!